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Heidi Fleiss’ Gucci planners

January 14, 2009

When Heidi Fleiss was still in business she kept the details of the meeting she set up for her clients in Gucci planners. Thankfully she wrote the details down in a coded format and her handwriting was untidy so most details were kept safe while the court case was being conducted.


Having untidy handwriting is a good thing. Most geniuses like Albert Einstein and Galileo Galilei were known for their untidy handwriting. And untidy handwriting also discourages people form reading things you have written as it would take them too much effort to try and figure out your writing.


If you want to keep something private it is best to write it on plain writing paper and casually fold it up and put it under some other things lying on your desk. You will only draw attention to it if you write it in an important looking leather bound diary or something similar.


A similar Sun Tzu: Art of war approach can be applied to keeping jewelry or other items safe.

  1. Do not tell people where you keep these items.
  2. If you are going on holiday it would better to hide it in you washing machine (first switch the washing machine off) than in a safe as that is the first place a robber will look.