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Derren Brown

January 14, 2009

There is an entertainer from Britain you may have heard of, Derren Brown. He has books, DVD’s and a series out that is shown on BBC entertainment. He also performs stage shows. What is interesting about him is that he uses a combination of NLP, psychology and hypnosis in his shows. He also performed a sequence called the pick-up on his Trick of Mind series and has referenced Ross Jefferies in an interview.

He has great showmanship and seems very intelligent in interviews.



What reminded me of Derren Brown was a post by a PUA who was using hypnotism and NLP to keep his relationship with his girlfriend interesting.

A reader of Bizarre magazine wrote in and asked Derren Brown on what he thought about the use of such techniques. Here is a what he had to say:




        Q: My girlfriend and I have a fetish for hypnosis and we like to 
        incorporate it into our sex sessions. We’ve found a few websites that 
        distribute videos relating to our fetish but, due to British law, 
        it’s extremely difficult to buy them. Can you assist?

        Derren Brown: What a strange pair of puffins you sound. I’m 
        surprised that hypnosis has taken your fancy in this context – I 
        imagine you both clucking like chickens at the point of no return. 
        It’s certainly not dangerous but I’m unsure how you incorporate it 
        into the `sessions’, as you call them. If you are both responsive 
        subjects then the event may be safely boosted by a suggestion of 
        heightened physical sensitivity or a convincing hypnotic sense-
        hallucination that surrounds you with the sights, sounds and smells 
        of a crowded public place such as a boxing ring or outside British 
        Home Stores in the Whitgift Centre, Croydon. Whatever does it for 
        you. And don’t pass up on the opportunity to play Paul McKenna’s 
        tapes during the act itself as a bonus – he has a great one on 
        improving your golf swing.So experiment away – once you have got into 
        a relaxed state, spend some time imagining your G-spots spreading 
        over your entire body, until you feel yourself tingling with 
        rudeness. Make huge representations to yourself of your partner as a 
        kind of sex-god or goddess and practise creating the feeling of post-
        coital exhaustion and quickly changing it into a profound feeling of 
        renewed desire. If you can set your mind to habitually switch from 
        the former to the latter, you should have it made. If, however, it’s 
        just the dirty thrill of a sluggish, sleepy partner that appeals, 
        certain drugs are available for these purposes which will save you 
        the trouble of finding something to swing in front of your partner’s