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January 14, 2009

It is good to associate yourself with Playboy…


Here is my letter that was posted on Cliff’s List

Kelly Monaco:
Female PUA: A New Perspective


I read a random article in the news about Russell Brand seducing Che Guevara’s granddaughter with musings on Alexander the Great (who, if I recall correctly, was bisexual.) Classic !

Reminded me of the PUA community and other topics in which I am very interested. Which lead to this post.

I like lists, so here is one I wrote a few days ago.

Some tricks to get the attention of men (from a female perspective):

1. If the guy has put a bottle / hat / jacket on the table, nudge it with your hand as you talk to him. Making contact with an object belonging to him will subconsciously create a type of Kino between the two of you.

2. Be physically inviting (but not too much.) High-fiving, brushing past him, and casual touching all work well.

3. Make friends with a girl that is with a group of guys. Compliment her ! Tell the guys that they are lucky to be around her because she is hot / looks nice wearing tight jeans / has really nice lips.

This has a few effects:

a) She will feel less threatened by you.
b) You may come across as bisexual – which is a good thing.
c) You have put the guys down a little by saying they are “lucky to be around her.”
d) She may return the favour with a compliment about you, and point out something good about you to the guys she is with.

4. Look a guy up and down and say something like, “You look nice,” then walk away.

5. Make him feel good in front of his friends.

6. I carry cheap Playboy Bunny necklaces with me and put them around a guy’s neck if we have had a good conversation and he asks for my number.

This has a few effects:

a) It’s good to associate yourself with Playboy.
b) He is more likely to phone you if he has something of yours.
c) He can go and show it off to his friends …

7. Be approachable. It will give men the opportunity to open you. Even if you are not interested in a guy that approaches you, it will make you look desirable if you are seen talking to different men.

8. If you are with a group of men, do not bore them with talk about hair / make-up / shopping. That’s when most men stop paying attention.

9. Keep the type of man in whom you are interested in mind when you get dressed to go out. If you like goth / vampire boys, wear an S&M studded cuff. If you want a biker guy, wear leather gloves.

10. Know your brands ! If you are in the game of attracting successful / famous men, you need to know how to identify these men at a party. Know what a genuine Jacob and Company watch looks like (from 5 meters away.) Look out for Ralph Lauren Polo shirts, etc.

11. These visual clues also give you information on how to act / what to mention around these men. If you see a man wearing a Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch at a party in the Hamptons, he may well have a yacht. Do not refer to this in an obvious way, but slip it into your conversation.

12. Don’t take your self-empowerment to the extreme. You don’t want to come across as a feminist.

13. Make yourself stand out.

14. A mistake lots of women make is looking disgusted / berating a guy if he mentions anything sexual or says something like, “That chick over there has a nice ass.” You need to associate yourself with sex, not distance yourself from the topic. Reply by agreeing with him that the girl does have a nice ass, and that he has good taste in women for noticing that.

I don’t intend to offend any men by what I said in points 10 and 11. I know it sounds a bit “gold digger,” but as books such as The Game emphasize, men are attracted primarily to looks, while women are looking for value in a potential partner. (See also Stylelife Challenge Day 14: The Evolution of Sexual Preference by Thomas Scott McKenzie and Ray Timmons.)

Some (but not all) indicators of value are conspicuous status symbols (e.g. watches, brand name clothing etc.)

I think I will write another list in the future, giving a more well-rounded view of to how to identify quality men (which some men may learn from as well) and will include things like the mindset of the successful male, and how this is projected through body language, etc. One thing I feel I should mention now is that the leader of a group of men is usually the one walking in the front of the group when they enter the club / go to get a drink at the bar.