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Black Nail polish is hot

January 14, 2009
From sports stars to rock stars

From sports stars to rock stars

You don’t have to be a goth to sport black nail varnish; it is more popular than ever and can look simultaneously cool and sophisticated.

My top picks:

Chanel_Black Satin

Who has sported black nail varnish:

Chinese royalty
Freddie Mercury
Marilyn Manson
Models in Gucci ads
David Beckham
Lindsay Lohan
Nicole Richie
Peacocking item for PUA Mystery


Karl Lagerfeld ‘hearts’ Chrome Hearts

January 14, 2009
Is is just me or are there faint S&M undertones in his style?

Is is just me or are there faint S&M undertones in his style?


Karl Largerfeld is the amazingly eccentric High Priest of all things stylish.

From his insiring designs to his personal style that is a cross between 18th century nobility (powdered ponytail and starched shirt) and 21st century rock star (Chrome Hearts rings); Mr Largerfeld is a fashion god.

I especially love his use of a monochromatic colour scheme, fingerless biker gloves and his revamped classic Chanel quilted handbags.

Here are my favourite Largerfeld interview moments:

 He likes talking about sex:

In the documentary Largerfeld Confidential Karl waxes at length that prostitution is socially vital because “we can’t all afford mistresses … without relief, we’d all become murderers.” He then opines that porn stars are the best actors because it’s harder to perform a sex act on camera than it is to summon tears.

Umm, What have you been getting up to Karl?

He is wonderfully random:

“I love the smell of a building site.”

He is cool:

“I pretend to by vain; smart people are boring”
“I don’t drink or take drugs, but I like being around people who do those things”

He is politically incorrect:

“I live in certain isolation. I never take appointments in the morning. I leave my house only after lunch. I don’t want to have a social life. I’ve had enough of that in my life. It’s demode. It’s another era. Perhaps people are still excited by that era, but not me. It’s uninteresting today. It says nothing. It’s boring, pretentious and vulgar…Even for charity, people get paid. I try to avoid charity. It doesn’t happen for me. I’m rich enough not to have to do that. Thank God I don’t have to do that. I do a lot of unnecessary things for free, but I’m very much against that. Money itself isn’t interesting, the use of it is.”

“It’s too easy to forgive. I love revenge.”