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What I find attractive in a man

June 8, 2009

This is the ‘type’ of guy I usually go for. It’s not a ‘checklist’ as such. But If I met a guy possesing any of following views/characterists I would find him very attractive for a LTR.


1. Must be/want to be self employed. I think working in big firm gives you a false sense of security. And I like ambitious men that aren’t scared to do their own thing. I also find self employed men much more positive and less stressed.

2. Not religious. I’m totally at peace with my views on religion so he must understand that.

3. Have self worth. Self-confidence. Be able to feel good about himself and not need others approval. Not need expensive clothes/ car for an ego boost.

4. Be assertive. Be able to say no.

 5. Be honest and live as transparently as possible.

6. Be his OWN person.

7. Deal well with stress/ pressure. Not break down if things go wrong.

 8. Get on well woith others. Be sociable and friendly.

9. Firm handshake. Good eyecontact. Personal magnetism.

 10. Positive mental arttitude.

 11. Want others to be successful and happy.

12. No depemdence on drugs, alcohol etc.

13. Take care of body. Enjoy hiking/walking or other forms of exercise.

14. Intelligent. I don’t mean neccessarily having 3 masters degrees. But have some life experience.

 15. Be able to teach yourself new things. Not rely on others to teach you.

16. Good discussions about religion/spirituatlity/ poltics/ social dynamics/ sex.

17. Healthy attitude towards money. Not need money from an ego standpoint. But want success and freedom.

18. I want businesses that can be run from anywhere in the world. So someone that shares my dream of living on private island and traveling.

19. I don’t do birthdays. Must understand that and not think I’m weird. My philosophy is you buy stuff when you NEED it. So birthday pointless.

20. Helthy attitude toward sex. No religious or other damaging beliefs about sex.

21. High sex drive. Most successful men I have met have a high sex drive. So thats always a good sign.


Black Nail polish is hot

January 14, 2009
From sports stars to rock stars

From sports stars to rock stars

You don’t have to be a goth to sport black nail varnish; it is more popular than ever and can look simultaneously cool and sophisticated.

My top picks:

Chanel_Black Satin

Who has sported black nail varnish:

Chinese royalty
Freddie Mercury
Marilyn Manson
Models in Gucci ads
David Beckham
Lindsay Lohan
Nicole Richie
Peacocking item for PUA Mystery

More Female PUA reading

January 14, 2009

 I didn’t include these books in my first book list because they are a bit “out there” for most peoples taste. But… if you are looking for an edge I would recommend reading them.


The first book is The Satanic Witch by Anton LaVey.

If you are a fan of Marilyn Manson you would enjoy this book. The title of this book is somewhat misleading but most of the contents is very logical and not centred on superstition or what most people view goths/satanists being about. Anton LaVey seems like a well researched and intelligent guy.


Here is what is included in this book:



  • Introduction by Peggy Nadramia / Introduction by Zeena LaVey
  • Prologue
    • The Test of the Thirteen Factors
  • 1. Are You a Witch?
    • The Myth of the “White Witch”
    • The Drug Scene
    • The Married Witch versus the Single Witch Choose an Image
    • “Natural” versus Acquired Ability
  • 2. Knowing Yourself and Others
    • The Real You
    • The LaVey Personality Synthesizer
    • Predominantly Masculine Types in Female Bodies and Vice-Versa
    • Temperament
    • Skin and Flesh Tone
    • General Proportions
    • Sexual Proclivities
    • Sense of Humor
    • Alcohol and Drug Use
    • Professions and Occupations
    • Sports, Athletics, Aches and Pains
    • Are You Passive or Dominant by Nature?
    • The Power of Certain Names
    • His Name
    • The Law of the Attraction of Opposites
    • By His Automobile Ye Shall Know Him
    • Sleep Patterns … and Other Bedroom Activities
  • 3. E.S.P.: Extra Sensual Projection
    • The Pupils of His Eyes as a Measurement for Success
    • Sound
    • On the Importance of Odors
    • Taste
    • Touch
  • 4. Looks Mean Everything
    • You Don’t Have to Be Ugly
    • Make-up: Projective Coloration
    • Your Fur
    • Your Undercoat
    • The Law of the Forbidden
    • Secrets of Indecent Exposure
  • 5. Fashion: The Witch’s Greatest Friend, The Witch: Fashion’s Worst Enemy
    • Cartoon Cuties
    • Stockings versus Panty Hose
    • The High Heel
    • On Prostitutes and Pentagrams
    • Accessories
    • Color Clues for Witches
  • 6. Bitchcraft
    • Taking Advantage of Men Who Think They’re Taking Advantage of you
    • How and When to Lie
    • Learn to Be Stupid
    • How to Charm a Married Man
    • Giving In
    • The Folly in Trying to Charm a Self-Aware Homosexual
    • The Lesbian Witch
    • Gesture, Mannerisms, Toilet Habits and Assorted Ploys
  • 7. Means of Divination
    • How to Tell Fortunes with No Previous Experience
    • “Cold Reading” and “Casing the Mark”
    • Prophesy
  • 8. Ceremonial Magic
    • Sex Magic without Sanctimony
    • Casting a Spell
    • How to Protect Yourself from Another Witch’s Curse
    • How to Become a Succubus and Attack the Man of your Choice While He Sleeps
    • On Choosing a Familiar or a Demon
  • 9. Public Relations for Witches
    • How to Break the news
  • Select Bibliography
  • Afterword by Blanche Barton
  • The endpapers display the LaVey Synthesizer Clock



The second book is Seductress: Women Who Ravished the World and Their Lost Art of Love by Betsy Prioleau which was recommended to me by Neil Strauss.


Link to an interview with the author






The next is a compilation of articles called the Playboy Philosophy that was written by Hugh Hefner and published in Playboy magazine around the 1960’s.

It is very informative about the development of today’s societies attitudes towards sex.


Link to .pdf download






Ars Amatoria. Latin meaning the art of seduction. Was written by Ovid a few centuries ago and is a Roman equivalent of the more widely known Kama Sutra although it focuses more on seduction and attraction and not on what happens after that.


On first glance not very relevant to today but it makes for interesting reading and there are some things you can learn from it.


Available for download from

Derren Brown

January 14, 2009

There is an entertainer from Britain you may have heard of, Derren Brown. He has books, DVD’s and a series out that is shown on BBC entertainment. He also performs stage shows. What is interesting about him is that he uses a combination of NLP, psychology and hypnosis in his shows. He also performed a sequence called the pick-up on his Trick of Mind series and has referenced Ross Jefferies in an interview.

He has great showmanship and seems very intelligent in interviews.



What reminded me of Derren Brown was a post by a PUA who was using hypnotism and NLP to keep his relationship with his girlfriend interesting.

A reader of Bizarre magazine wrote in and asked Derren Brown on what he thought about the use of such techniques. Here is a what he had to say:




        Q: My girlfriend and I have a fetish for hypnosis and we like to 
        incorporate it into our sex sessions. We’ve found a few websites that 
        distribute videos relating to our fetish but, due to British law, 
        it’s extremely difficult to buy them. Can you assist?

        Derren Brown: What a strange pair of puffins you sound. I’m 
        surprised that hypnosis has taken your fancy in this context – I 
        imagine you both clucking like chickens at the point of no return. 
        It’s certainly not dangerous but I’m unsure how you incorporate it 
        into the `sessions’, as you call them. If you are both responsive 
        subjects then the event may be safely boosted by a suggestion of 
        heightened physical sensitivity or a convincing hypnotic sense-
        hallucination that surrounds you with the sights, sounds and smells 
        of a crowded public place such as a boxing ring or outside British 
        Home Stores in the Whitgift Centre, Croydon. Whatever does it for 
        you. And don’t pass up on the opportunity to play Paul McKenna’s 
        tapes during the act itself as a bonus – he has a great one on 
        improving your golf swing.So experiment away – once you have got into 
        a relaxed state, spend some time imagining your G-spots spreading 
        over your entire body, until you feel yourself tingling with 
        rudeness. Make huge representations to yourself of your partner as a 
        kind of sex-god or goddess and practise creating the feeling of post-
        coital exhaustion and quickly changing it into a profound feeling of 
        renewed desire. If you can set your mind to habitually switch from 
        the former to the latter, you should have it made. If, however, it’s 
        just the dirty thrill of a sluggish, sleepy partner that appeals, 
        certain drugs are available for these purposes which will save you 
        the trouble of finding something to swing in front of your partner’s 


Heidi Fleiss’ Gucci planners

January 14, 2009

When Heidi Fleiss was still in business she kept the details of the meeting she set up for her clients in Gucci planners. Thankfully she wrote the details down in a coded format and her handwriting was untidy so most details were kept safe while the court case was being conducted.


Having untidy handwriting is a good thing. Most geniuses like Albert Einstein and Galileo Galilei were known for their untidy handwriting. And untidy handwriting also discourages people form reading things you have written as it would take them too much effort to try and figure out your writing.


If you want to keep something private it is best to write it on plain writing paper and casually fold it up and put it under some other things lying on your desk. You will only draw attention to it if you write it in an important looking leather bound diary or something similar.


A similar Sun Tzu: Art of war approach can be applied to keeping jewelry or other items safe.

  1. Do not tell people where you keep these items.
  2. If you are going on holiday it would better to hide it in you washing machine (first switch the washing machine off) than in a safe as that is the first place a robber will look.

Thoughts on lawyers and legal research

January 14, 2009

I am currently co-authoring a book on Arbitration. My partner-in-crime for this is an advocate with whom I have shared many interesting conversations.

Spending so much time in close proximity to a lawyer has given me a unique perspective.


Two quotes of his that have stuck in my mind:

“ Only fools and their lawyers go to court”.

“ If this case is managed correctly it can run forever”


What you can learn from this is that you should stay out of court at all costs!

Most problems and disputes can be settled out of court unless it is a criminal case in which you have little control over the manner of resolution.

Court cases drag on and often get postponed and delayed. This is good for the lawyer as he makes more money but bad for you.

What I am listening to at the moment

January 14, 2009

Song Silent movie. Band Toxic Shame.


This song would be a perfect soundtrack if I was writing the script for an adult film. Haha more on that another day….

My quest for the ultimate pimp cup

January 14, 2009

Adventures in London

The poet Byron had a skull which he drank out of at dinner parties to amuse and disgust his guests.

More recently rappers have adopted the pimp cup as a status symbol to drink Louis Roederer Cristal out of at parties.


When I was walking around London shopping last year one of the items I wished to buy was my own pimp cup. I’m not entirely sure why I wanted one, but I thought it may look nice in the cellar I was planning to build under my house.


There is an area in London called Middle temple where most of the barristers (advocate/ lawyer types) are situated. I walked into a shop in that area that appeared to be selling antiques. I located a goblet/ grail looking cup and took it over to the cashier to pay. He gave me a strange look and asked for my lodge number. I was confused until he explained to me the store sells regalia and accessories for freemasons and you need to belong to the lodge to purchase the items as they are all branded for the specific lodges.

Twas an interesting experience…and I’m still looking for the ultimate pimp cup.

Just for fun…

January 14, 2009

With a new Playboy club (hopefully) opening in London next year here is a link to a copy of the original Bunny Manual given to the waitresses in the first Playboy Clubs. and click on History then Bunny mannual.