Female PUA revisited

This is what’s worked for me, somethings may sound abit extreme/ different but you need to stand out. Different ideas and ways of doing things is sometimes the edge you need.

1. Inner game same for men and women: Read psycology books, Napolean Hill, Robert Greene, get your confidence up and feel great about yourself, believe you deserve high value men, amazing sex, fullfilling relationships.

2. Get life in order, be knowledgeable about as many things as possible.
Pick up isnt a mutually exclusive field, more sucessful you are in other areas of your life, the better it all gets.


Some good relationships with ‘high value’ men can be formed by ‘bouncing’ business ideas off each other and stuff like that. Drive, success and intelligence are not to be discounted when It comes to female game.

3. Dont be afraid of things traditionally aimed at men: Read Playboy, watch porn etc. You need to discover what men find attractive. Dirty talk like its your job. Learn about fantasies such as domination/submission etc.

4. Sex is very important topic here. It has alot to do with power. Know you have alot of influence over men when it comes to this but don’t abuse it. This can be a bit of a sensitive topic, and only ever do what you are comfortable with but for me I find the more open I am about sex, and the more willing I am to talk about it, the more I have learnt. People share amazing things with you if you give them the opportunity and comfort to do so.
More open and non- judgmental you are- more people share with you- better you understand them.

5. Avoid manipulation and treat your partners well: give them enough freedom to have fun and do what they want. And understand that you can’t make people do things, or force them to behave a certain way.

I see so many women act so manipulatively and I think its because they feel its the only way to establish control. By trying to make their boyfriend or husband feel less like a man, withholding sex, all those silly things. This is neither healthy nor positive. Its so much better if you encourage your boyfriend/ husband to be more of a ‘man’. He will be happier/ more successful. If you feel strong yourself, you will be able to deal with it, its nothing to be afriad of. So basically don’t be one of those women that ‘pussy whip’ your boyfriend.

6. When going out make friends with a girl that is with a group of guys. Compliment her ! Tell the guys that they are lucky to be around her because she is hot / looks nice wearing tight jeans / has really nice lips.

This has a few effects:

a) She will feel less threatened by you.
b) You may come across as bisexual – which is a good thing.
c) You have put the guys down a little by saying they are “lucky to be around her.”
d) She may return the favour with a compliment about you, and point out something good about you to the guys she is with.

7. Be approachable. It will give men the opportunity to open you. Even if you are not interested in a guy that approaches you, it will make you look desirable if you are seen talking to different men.

8. A mistake lots of women make is looking disgusted / berating a guy if he mentions anything sexual or says something like, “That chick over there has a nice ass.” You need to associate yourself with sex, not distance yourself from the topic. Reply by agreeing with him that the girl does have a nice ass, and that he has good taste in women for noticing that.

9. As far as hair, make up clothes etc: work out alot, eat healthily, pole dancing is great exercise. Keep it classy, but you can give it an edge. You need to stand out. Your clothes must fit well.


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