My quest for the ultimate pimp cup

Adventures in London

The poet Byron had a skull which he drank out of at dinner parties to amuse and disgust his guests.

More recently rappers have adopted the pimp cup as a status symbol to drink Louis Roederer Cristal out of at parties.


When I was walking around London shopping last year one of the items I wished to buy was my own pimp cup. I’m not entirely sure why I wanted one, but I thought it may look nice in the cellar I was planning to build under my house.


There is an area in London called Middle temple where most of the barristers (advocate/ lawyer types) are situated. I walked into a shop in that area that appeared to be selling antiques. I located a goblet/ grail looking cup and took it over to the cashier to pay. He gave me a strange look and asked for my lodge number. I was confused until he explained to me the store sells regalia and accessories for freemasons and you need to belong to the lodge to purchase the items as they are all branded for the specific lodges.

Twas an interesting experience…and I’m still looking for the ultimate pimp cup.


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One Response to “My quest for the ultimate pimp cup”

  1. wavefunccollapse Says:

    Byron was a pimp extraordinaire. I think the aftermath of his Mac Daddyness caused the Victorian Era. Certainly three cheers for him and for your quest for that Holy Grail.

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