The 50th Law: Robert Greene and the hustler’s mind

June 17, 2009

I remember that awhile back Robert Greene had a blogpost about Iceberg Slim (famous pimp who wrote a book about ‘mack’ game)

Worth Looking into if you want something to read that is ‘game’ related, but comes from a different viewpoint.

There are many great books out there that have had influence on the seduction community . Two of the stranger ones that come to mind are Iceberg Slim’s biography ( Pimp: the story of my life) and Anton Lavey: The Satanic bible. (seriously I am not kidding…On there is an early blueprint for Mystery’s handbook and he refers to the philosophy in this book)


What I find attractive in a man

June 8, 2009

This is the ‘type’ of guy I usually go for. It’s not a ‘checklist’ as such. But If I met a guy possesing any of following views/characterists I would find him very attractive for a LTR.


1. Must be/want to be self employed. I think working in big firm gives you a false sense of security. And I like ambitious men that aren’t scared to do their own thing. I also find self employed men much more positive and less stressed.

2. Not religious. I’m totally at peace with my views on religion so he must understand that.

3. Have self worth. Self-confidence. Be able to feel good about himself and not need others approval. Not need expensive clothes/ car for an ego boost.

4. Be assertive. Be able to say no.

 5. Be honest and live as transparently as possible.

6. Be his OWN person.

7. Deal well with stress/ pressure. Not break down if things go wrong.

 8. Get on well woith others. Be sociable and friendly.

9. Firm handshake. Good eyecontact. Personal magnetism.

 10. Positive mental arttitude.

 11. Want others to be successful and happy.

12. No depemdence on drugs, alcohol etc.

13. Take care of body. Enjoy hiking/walking or other forms of exercise.

14. Intelligent. I don’t mean neccessarily having 3 masters degrees. But have some life experience.

 15. Be able to teach yourself new things. Not rely on others to teach you.

16. Good discussions about religion/spirituatlity/ poltics/ social dynamics/ sex.

17. Healthy attitude towards money. Not need money from an ego standpoint. But want success and freedom.

18. I want businesses that can be run from anywhere in the world. So someone that shares my dream of living on private island and traveling.

19. I don’t do birthdays. Must understand that and not think I’m weird. My philosophy is you buy stuff when you NEED it. So birthday pointless.

20. Helthy attitude toward sex. No religious or other damaging beliefs about sex.

21. High sex drive. Most successful men I have met have a high sex drive. So thats always a good sign.

The perfect women

May 21, 2009

One of the best blog posts I have read; courtesy of

  • Realize that men view things differently than women, and those differences in view are equally valid and worthy of respect. Don’t try to turn your man into a woman. Don’t try to make him resolve his problems like a woman. Don’t chastise him for not thinking or emoting or talking things to death like you. You don’t have to understand why he sees things so differently than you, but you do have to respect his differences as equally valid. Men are not inclined to talk in circles about every problem until they’re emotionally drained. Respect that. For you it’s cathartic, for us it’s hell. It doesn’t mean we respect the problem less than you do, it just means that what’s a therapeutic method for you is not necessarily one for us.

  • Respect and faith in abilities are more important to a man than love. This is the hardest for a woman to grasp, and it’s an ugly truth, but if you don’t grasp and accept this you’ll always have relationship problems. If men had to choose between feeling (a) loved yet disrespected and inadequate or (b) unloved but respected and competent, a vast majority would choose choice (b). To men, love without feelings of respect and adequacy from their partner is a more hellish fate than receiving no love at all. And if you don’t give them respect and a feeling of competence, they will seek that validation elsewhere. I don’t just mean from other women, although that’s likely. It can be from a hobby that they know they’re good at, it can be at the gym, it can be from sports, it can be from writing in his study, it can be from his male friends that make him feel like he’s a great guy…there are tons of places he may withdraw to to get the validation he feels he lacks from you. Which in turn may cause you to nag him for not paying enough attention to you. Which in turn may just drive him further into his alternative source of validation. And then you get a vicious cycle.

  • Even the men who appear the strongest secretly have a fragile ego. One of the biggest secrets men have is how delicate our egos are. If you publicly build up your man’s ego, whether in front of his friends, family or even total strangers, he will think you’re the most wonderful woman in the world. Yet feminism and the media has given woman some strange mental block about this, as if doing so is some admission of weakness on their part. I call this the Claire Huxtable syndrome. I know it’s blasphemy for an ’80s kid to say this, but I hate the Cosby Show and I really fucking hate Claire Huxtable. Every chance she got, she emasculated Cliff for laughs in front of his parents, his friends and even his own children. And a generation of Americans ate it up and grew up thinking it was hilarious. Try watching several episodes of the Cosby Show now and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Cliff gets up, tells some story from his youth about some accomplishment he was proud of and may exaggerate a little. And almost immediately afterwards here comes Claire to set the record straight, poke holes in Cliff’s ego and embarrass Cliff by letting everyone know “what really happened.” And it ends with everyone in the room laughing at Cliff’s expense. Nowadays we see this dynamic as the norm in the media when marriages are depicted in sitcoms and commercials. It’s always depicted as cute and harmless. Is it any wonder public disrespect of men by their significant others, whether in the form of backhanded compliments or “harmless jokes” or outright chewing out, is practically an epidemic now?

  • Fuck his brains out. Self-explanatory.

  • If he’s telling you what’s wrong with the relationship, and your bitter manless friends are telling you something different is wrong with the relationship, listen to him over them. Those bitches are manless for a reason. And misery loves company. (this especially applies to black women, who for some reason seem to especially give a lot of weight to what their chronically single and bitter friends think)

  • Respect his ambition. Women tend to be geared more toward security. We as men understand that. Men, however, have a need to conquer. To hunt. To compete. To master things. Modern society doesn’t give us that many avenues to exercise those needs any more except in our careers, which leads to a lot of frustration in the modern man. So unless your man is talking about taking some seriously foolish or dangerous risks, support him in his personal ambitions to the best of your ability, even if you can’t totally understand them. Make him think he can achieve his lofty goals, and let him know you’ll still love and respect him even if he tries and fails. A real man would rather try his best and fail than never try at all.

  • Don’t let your looks go. Call it shallow, but men are programmed by nature to be visual creatures. We can’t help it. Just because you aren’t biologically and culturally programmed to value looks as much as we do doesn’t mean you should dismiss men’s preoccupation with looks as shallow and stupid. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your man happy, yet so many women foolishly underestimate and slack in this area.

  • Being a provider is at the core of a man’s identity, even if you make money too. So be sure to show appreciation for what a man contributes as a provider, and be understanding of a man’s depression when he feels like he comes up short in this area.
  • Female PUA revisited

    May 8, 2009

    This is what’s worked for me, somethings may sound abit extreme/ different but you need to stand out. Different ideas and ways of doing things is sometimes the edge you need.

    1. Inner game same for men and women: Read psycology books, Napolean Hill, Robert Greene, get your confidence up and feel great about yourself, believe you deserve high value men, amazing sex, fullfilling relationships.

    2. Get life in order, be knowledgeable about as many things as possible.
    Pick up isnt a mutually exclusive field, more sucessful you are in other areas of your life, the better it all gets.


    Some good relationships with ‘high value’ men can be formed by ‘bouncing’ business ideas off each other and stuff like that. Drive, success and intelligence are not to be discounted when It comes to female game.

    3. Dont be afraid of things traditionally aimed at men: Read Playboy, watch porn etc. You need to discover what men find attractive. Dirty talk like its your job. Learn about fantasies such as domination/submission etc.

    4. Sex is very important topic here. It has alot to do with power. Know you have alot of influence over men when it comes to this but don’t abuse it. This can be a bit of a sensitive topic, and only ever do what you are comfortable with but for me I find the more open I am about sex, and the more willing I am to talk about it, the more I have learnt. People share amazing things with you if you give them the opportunity and comfort to do so.
    More open and non- judgmental you are- more people share with you- better you understand them.

    5. Avoid manipulation and treat your partners well: give them enough freedom to have fun and do what they want. And understand that you can’t make people do things, or force them to behave a certain way.

    I see so many women act so manipulatively and I think its because they feel its the only way to establish control. By trying to make their boyfriend or husband feel less like a man, withholding sex, all those silly things. This is neither healthy nor positive. Its so much better if you encourage your boyfriend/ husband to be more of a ‘man’. He will be happier/ more successful. If you feel strong yourself, you will be able to deal with it, its nothing to be afriad of. So basically don’t be one of those women that ‘pussy whip’ your boyfriend.

    6. When going out make friends with a girl that is with a group of guys. Compliment her ! Tell the guys that they are lucky to be around her because she is hot / looks nice wearing tight jeans / has really nice lips.

    This has a few effects:

    a) She will feel less threatened by you.
    b) You may come across as bisexual – which is a good thing.
    c) You have put the guys down a little by saying they are “lucky to be around her.”
    d) She may return the favour with a compliment about you, and point out something good about you to the guys she is with.

    7. Be approachable. It will give men the opportunity to open you. Even if you are not interested in a guy that approaches you, it will make you look desirable if you are seen talking to different men.

    8. A mistake lots of women make is looking disgusted / berating a guy if he mentions anything sexual or says something like, “That chick over there has a nice ass.” You need to associate yourself with sex, not distance yourself from the topic. Reply by agreeing with him that the girl does have a nice ass, and that he has good taste in women for noticing that.

    9. As far as hair, make up clothes etc: work out alot, eat healthily, pole dancing is great exercise. Keep it classy, but you can give it an edge. You need to stand out. Your clothes must fit well.

    Sprinkles Cupcakes

    January 14, 2009

    From Marie Antoinette to the Mad Hatter

    From Marie Antoinette to the Mad Hatter

    How-to make Sprinkles cupcakes style chocolate icing



    10 oz. bittersweet chocolate, chopped
    1 lb. unsalted butter, at room temp
    1 lb. 8 oz. powdered sugar
    1/8 tsp. salt
    1 tsp. pure vanilla extract
    1/2 cup sour cream

    Melt and cool chocolate (until just slightly warm). Beat butter until light and fluffy. With mixer on low speed, gradually add powdered sugar. Add salt, vanilla and sour cream and mix until very smooth. Add chocolate and mix until just incorporated.

    Don’t over-whip and add too much air into the frosting. The consistency should be rich and dense, like ice cream!

    Black Nail polish is hot

    January 14, 2009
    From sports stars to rock stars

    From sports stars to rock stars

    You don’t have to be a goth to sport black nail varnish; it is more popular than ever and can look simultaneously cool and sophisticated.

    My top picks:

    Chanel_Black Satin

    Who has sported black nail varnish:

    Chinese royalty
    Freddie Mercury
    Marilyn Manson
    Models in Gucci ads
    David Beckham
    Lindsay Lohan
    Nicole Richie
    Peacocking item for PUA Mystery

    Karl Lagerfeld ‘hearts’ Chrome Hearts

    January 14, 2009
    Is is just me or are there faint S&M undertones in his style?

    Is is just me or are there faint S&M undertones in his style?


    Karl Largerfeld is the amazingly eccentric High Priest of all things stylish.

    From his insiring designs to his personal style that is a cross between 18th century nobility (powdered ponytail and starched shirt) and 21st century rock star (Chrome Hearts rings); Mr Largerfeld is a fashion god.

    I especially love his use of a monochromatic colour scheme, fingerless biker gloves and his revamped classic Chanel quilted handbags.

    Here are my favourite Largerfeld interview moments:

     He likes talking about sex:

    In the documentary Largerfeld Confidential Karl waxes at length that prostitution is socially vital because “we can’t all afford mistresses … without relief, we’d all become murderers.” He then opines that porn stars are the best actors because it’s harder to perform a sex act on camera than it is to summon tears.

    Umm, What have you been getting up to Karl?

    He is wonderfully random:

    “I love the smell of a building site.”

    He is cool:

    “I pretend to by vain; smart people are boring”
    “I don’t drink or take drugs, but I like being around people who do those things”

    He is politically incorrect:

    “I live in certain isolation. I never take appointments in the morning. I leave my house only after lunch. I don’t want to have a social life. I’ve had enough of that in my life. It’s demode. It’s another era. Perhaps people are still excited by that era, but not me. It’s uninteresting today. It says nothing. It’s boring, pretentious and vulgar…Even for charity, people get paid. I try to avoid charity. It doesn’t happen for me. I’m rich enough not to have to do that. Thank God I don’t have to do that. I do a lot of unnecessary things for free, but I’m very much against that. Money itself isn’t interesting, the use of it is.”

    “It’s too easy to forgive. I love revenge.”

    More Female PUA reading

    January 14, 2009

     I didn’t include these books in my first book list because they are a bit “out there” for most peoples taste. But… if you are looking for an edge I would recommend reading them.


    The first book is The Satanic Witch by Anton LaVey.

    If you are a fan of Marilyn Manson you would enjoy this book. The title of this book is somewhat misleading but most of the contents is very logical and not centred on superstition or what most people view goths/satanists being about. Anton LaVey seems like a well researched and intelligent guy.


    Here is what is included in this book:



    • Introduction by Peggy Nadramia / Introduction by Zeena LaVey
    • Prologue
      • The Test of the Thirteen Factors
    • 1. Are You a Witch?
      • The Myth of the “White Witch”
      • The Drug Scene
      • The Married Witch versus the Single Witch Choose an Image
      • “Natural” versus Acquired Ability
    • 2. Knowing Yourself and Others
      • The Real You
      • The LaVey Personality Synthesizer
      • Predominantly Masculine Types in Female Bodies and Vice-Versa
      • Temperament
      • Skin and Flesh Tone
      • General Proportions
      • Sexual Proclivities
      • Sense of Humor
      • Alcohol and Drug Use
      • Professions and Occupations
      • Sports, Athletics, Aches and Pains
      • Are You Passive or Dominant by Nature?
      • The Power of Certain Names
      • His Name
      • The Law of the Attraction of Opposites
      • By His Automobile Ye Shall Know Him
      • Sleep Patterns … and Other Bedroom Activities
    • 3. E.S.P.: Extra Sensual Projection
      • The Pupils of His Eyes as a Measurement for Success
      • Sound
      • On the Importance of Odors
      • Taste
      • Touch
    • 4. Looks Mean Everything
      • You Don’t Have to Be Ugly
      • Make-up: Projective Coloration
      • Your Fur
      • Your Undercoat
      • The Law of the Forbidden
      • Secrets of Indecent Exposure
    • 5. Fashion: The Witch’s Greatest Friend, The Witch: Fashion’s Worst Enemy
      • Cartoon Cuties
      • Stockings versus Panty Hose
      • The High Heel
      • On Prostitutes and Pentagrams
      • Accessories
      • Color Clues for Witches
    • 6. Bitchcraft
      • Taking Advantage of Men Who Think They’re Taking Advantage of you
      • How and When to Lie
      • Learn to Be Stupid
      • How to Charm a Married Man
      • Giving In
      • The Folly in Trying to Charm a Self-Aware Homosexual
      • The Lesbian Witch
      • Gesture, Mannerisms, Toilet Habits and Assorted Ploys
    • 7. Means of Divination
      • How to Tell Fortunes with No Previous Experience
      • “Cold Reading” and “Casing the Mark”
      • Prophesy
    • 8. Ceremonial Magic
      • Sex Magic without Sanctimony
      • Casting a Spell
      • How to Protect Yourself from Another Witch’s Curse
      • How to Become a Succubus and Attack the Man of your Choice While He Sleeps
      • On Choosing a Familiar or a Demon
    • 9. Public Relations for Witches
      • How to Break the news
    • Select Bibliography
    • Afterword by Blanche Barton
    • The endpapers display the LaVey Synthesizer Clock



    The second book is Seductress: Women Who Ravished the World and Their Lost Art of Love by Betsy Prioleau which was recommended to me by Neil Strauss.


    Link to an interview with the author






    The next is a compilation of articles called the Playboy Philosophy that was written by Hugh Hefner and published in Playboy magazine around the 1960’s.

    It is very informative about the development of today’s societies attitudes towards sex.


    Link to .pdf download






    Ars Amatoria. Latin meaning the art of seduction. Was written by Ovid a few centuries ago and is a Roman equivalent of the more widely known Kama Sutra although it focuses more on seduction and attraction and not on what happens after that.


    On first glance not very relevant to today but it makes for interesting reading and there are some things you can learn from it.


    Available for download from

    Derren Brown

    January 14, 2009

    There is an entertainer from Britain you may have heard of, Derren Brown. He has books, DVD’s and a series out that is shown on BBC entertainment. He also performs stage shows. What is interesting about him is that he uses a combination of NLP, psychology and hypnosis in his shows. He also performed a sequence called the pick-up on his Trick of Mind series and has referenced Ross Jefferies in an interview.

    He has great showmanship and seems very intelligent in interviews.



    What reminded me of Derren Brown was a post by a PUA who was using hypnotism and NLP to keep his relationship with his girlfriend interesting.

    A reader of Bizarre magazine wrote in and asked Derren Brown on what he thought about the use of such techniques. Here is a what he had to say:




            Q: My girlfriend and I have a fetish for hypnosis and we like to 
            incorporate it into our sex sessions. We’ve found a few websites that 
            distribute videos relating to our fetish but, due to British law, 
            it’s extremely difficult to buy them. Can you assist?

            Derren Brown: What a strange pair of puffins you sound. I’m 
            surprised that hypnosis has taken your fancy in this context – I 
            imagine you both clucking like chickens at the point of no return. 
            It’s certainly not dangerous but I’m unsure how you incorporate it 
            into the `sessions’, as you call them. If you are both responsive 
            subjects then the event may be safely boosted by a suggestion of 
            heightened physical sensitivity or a convincing hypnotic sense-
            hallucination that surrounds you with the sights, sounds and smells 
            of a crowded public place such as a boxing ring or outside British 
            Home Stores in the Whitgift Centre, Croydon. Whatever does it for 
            you. And don’t pass up on the opportunity to play Paul McKenna’s 
            tapes during the act itself as a bonus – he has a great one on 
            improving your golf swing.So experiment away – once you have got into 
            a relaxed state, spend some time imagining your G-spots spreading 
            over your entire body, until you feel yourself tingling with 
            rudeness. Make huge representations to yourself of your partner as a 
            kind of sex-god or goddess and practise creating the feeling of post-
            coital exhaustion and quickly changing it into a profound feeling of 
            renewed desire. If you can set your mind to habitually switch from 
            the former to the latter, you should have it made. If, however, it’s 
            just the dirty thrill of a sluggish, sleepy partner that appeals, 
            certain drugs are available for these purposes which will save you 
            the trouble of finding something to swing in front of your partner’s 



    January 14, 2009

    Hello Kitty and MAC

    Porn Star must-haves: Hello Kitty and MAC


    Biologically women are primarily attracted to the value a man displays while men are first attracted to a women’s appearance.



    If you have seen pictures of celebrities without make-up you would agree that the proper application of make-up will make a big difference to your appearance.


     I have a few suggestions:



    1. Alexis Vogel did a lot of the make-up for Playboy magazine centrefolds etc. She has an instructional DVD available on Amazon and her interviews are also very informative. 


    From interviews with pornstars, playmates and their make-up artists I have identified a few common products:

    1. MAC Spice lipliner
    2. MAC lipglass in Tartlett and Purr
    3. MAC eyeshadow in Nylon and Black tied
    4. Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils, L’Oreal Voluminous, Max Factor 2000 calorie
    5. NARS blush
    6. Alot of Smashbox, MAC and Cinema secrets cosmetics.